A nice collection:  Five Classical Guitar compositions by Marco William Duranti.

Time in the Past
This is one of my early works that was originally written back in 1987. It is a well-balanced piece with a very strong melody that pleases the ear. It gives the listener a pleasant feeling, something that could have been composed in the Classical period and this explains the title.

I wrote this music in 1993 during a difficult period when my Focal Dystonia problem was at its peak.I would use it as an exercise to try and get my deteriorating arpeggios going again. It eventually developed into a very soft and dreamy piece that had for me a message of hope. This is why I called it Alba (Sunrise) as it represented for me a new beginning.

Vals 1
Is a very typical South American composition in some way since I was inspired by great composers like Antonio Lauro, H. Villa-Lobos just to mention two of the many many wonderful composers of that period.

Is a particular composition that really needs much interpretation somewhat similar to the H. VillaLobos preludes or other compositions of that period. It is the first piece in this style that eventually inspired me to later compose the Preludes of Rome. Dedicated with love to Sabrina B.

La Voce del Tempo
“The Voice of Time” in English, a very nice melody that is charming and simple, I wrote this in 2009.Again like most of my music I rely much on melodies that are pleasing for all listeners and does not require them to be classical guitar experts.

Difficulty: MEDIUM


A nice collection: Four Classical Guitar compositions by Marco William Duranti.

This is also one of my early works that was originally written back in 1987. A lovely waltz in a traditional way with a touch of Spanish taste to it in the central part, an almost flamenco feel to it.

La Neve
I composed this music one night in London as the snow kept falling and everything turned quiet and white...I kept playing “La Neve” the snow! It has an interesting rhythm to it, almost a Tango. It is very pleasant and very dreamy music at the same time.

Perche’ Domani Sara’
This composition was written in the mid 90’s in Italy and has two distinct melodies, a very fast arpeggio as introduction and then a very strong melodic theme.

This music was composed between travels from Rome and London, it started just as a nice little phrase and then developed to a full piece.

Difficulty: HARD